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A collection of notes on several subjects.

1 Principles

When developing I try to apply the following principles:

  • I prefer open technologies: I use open source software (OSS) whenever I can. And practically the only times that I can't involve working together on Microsoft Office documents.
  • DRY (Don't repeat yourself): I try to solve everything only once.
  • I don't want to re-invent the wheel. That is: if a tool is available, I try to use it. Even if it doesn't fit 100%.
  • I try to use tools as-is as much as possible. Also, I try to use standard tools, rather than their more sophisticated alternatives.
  • I try to be a fast-follower, instead of jumping on every new hype.
  • Design patterns are an powerful way to exchange knowledge. But I prefer the way Christopher Alexander used them over the way the Gang of Four did.

In 1998 the original developer or Tcl/TK, John Ousterhout, wrote:

Scripting languages are designed for "gluing" applications; they use typeless approaches to achieve a higher level of programming and more rapid application development than system programming languages. Increases in computer speed and changes in the application mix are making scripting languages more and more important for applications of the future.

2 My preferred tools

Finally, some of my favorite web-sites for tech information:

  • provides some really nice tutorials.

I prefer to work on Ubuntu, but are sometimes forced to work on Windows. Therefore all my tools preferably work on both.

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