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1 Keymaps

1.1 Emacs standard

key effect
C-^ Join with next line
C-_ Undo
C-g Abort operation
C-h HELP! (and learn)
C-S-<BS> Kill whole line
C-t/M-t/C-x C-t Transpose char/word/line
C-x 1 HELP! (and learn)
C-x 2 Split window horizontally
C-x 3 Split window vertically
C-x C-f Find file (open into buffer)
C-x C-s Save buffer to file
C-x C-w Save buffer to file as …
C-x C-x Exchange point and mark
C-x b Go to other buffer
C-x d Edit directory
C-x e Execute elisp under cursor
C-x o Go to other window
M-/ Complete
M-: Eval
M-% Go to other window
M-. (M-,) Go to definition (return)
M-f / M-b Move word forward / backward
M-g g Jump to line
M-u/M-l/M-c Uppercase/lowercase/capitalize

1.2 Prelude

key effect
C-c c Clean buffer
C-c d Duplicate line
C-c s Swap windows

1.3 Custom

key effect
C-c / Toggle region comment
C-c d Duplicate line
C-c j Join lines
C-c l List packages
C-x k Kill buffer immediately (no confirmation)

2 Packages

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