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Org-mode cheat sheet

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1 Markup: bold, italic, underlined, strikethrough, verbatim, code

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3 Cycle to do items with S-LEFT and S-RIGHT

4 Table and keys

key context effect
M-RET   New headline
TAB / S-TAB   Fold / Unfold
M-RIGHT / M-LEFT   Promote / Demote
  table Move column
M-UP / M-DOWN table Move row
M-S-DOWN table Insert row (?)
C-c RET table Insert horizontal line
C-c ^ table Sort lines
S-RIGHT / S-LEFT task Cycle workflow
  list Cycle bullet type
S-UP / S-DOWN   Cycle priority
C-c C-e   Export menu
C-c a   Agenda
C-c C-c heading edit tags
  on top refresh local setup
C-c C-w org refile
C-c ' code block edit in native mode
C-c ;   Toggle COMMENT of subtree

5 Literal examples

Some example from a text file.

Also available: VERSE, QUOTE and CENTER

6 Source code blocks

(defun org-xor (a b)
  "Exclusive or."
  (if a (not b) b))

Use Ditaa for figures.


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