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July 13th, 2021


I used to have Emacs keybindings for files I visit often, like my Emacs config and my org notes. This was fast, but felt a bit overdone, and kept me from accessing too many files this way, because remembering the keybindings would be tedious.

And then I remembered Emacs has bookmarks, which I had used in the past. This takes a few more key strokes (C-x r b <first letter of bookmark> TAB), but I only have to remember the one keybinding, and can then store as many bookmarks as I like, including remote files with Tramp and git repositories with Magit. At the moment, I have close to 20 of them.

A typical Dûh! moment...

tags: emacs

 bag.el: Emacs package to manage links 
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