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2020 May 16th

COVID-19 and Pareto

I am a firm believer in the Pareto Principle which states that in many cases 80% of the result is achieved by 20% of the effort, and, consequently, that the remaining 20% of the result takes 80% of the effort. This means, if you can live with 80% of the result, you are 16 times more efficient than when you insist on the 100%.

2020 April 22nd

COVID19: What's the point?

Yesterday, our prime minister told us to keep it up. The current corona measures in The Netherlands are extended for weeks and months. The policy makes perfect sense.Except that it doesn't. To me.To me it felt like our government is working from a different set of rules than I would. And that made me wonder what their basic principle is.

2020 April 16th

COVID-19 End Game

We have been in Corona-lockdown for about 5 weeks now, here in the Netherlands. As we are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, it is time to start thinking on how we can get out of it.DisclaimerI am no expert by any means. The views below are just my personal dribble. Follow the official guidelines of your government.

2020 April 8th

COVID-19 vs Y2K

In some ways the COVID-19 pandemic reminds me of the Y2K bug. I remember in the late 1990s there was a lot of FUD regarding the millennium bug. If we didn't act, civilization as we knew it would end. Public facilities, like communications, electricity and water, would grind to a halt and crucial databases would be lost.

2020 April 5th

COVID-19: Turning point

In my previous post on COVID-19 I predicted that mid April we would be past the worst in the Netherlands. This post is an update.Last week [25 March, Dutch] the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment gave the first careful signals that things were getting better: the daily growth of new patients was slowing down.

2020 March 25th

How I work from home

During this COVID-19 pandemic many people are forced to work at home. Not by choice, but by necessity. For many of us, this is new territory, for some of us it isn't.I have been working from home for 15+ years. In this post I share how I make that work.My typical work dayThe rest of this post I will try to keep as general as possible, but the tips below are inspired by my personal situation.

2020 March 23rd


Just like everybody else COVID-19 is on my mind constantly these days. In this post I look at what is going on according to main stream media, what other views experts may have, and I try to figure out what is happening.I am not an expert: I am not a virologist, nor a data scientist. So, my intention is to rely on those who are.