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2022 June 21st

The Hypervisor Conundrum

Windows 11 Pro came pre-installed with a set of virtualization features:Microsoft's own hypervisor: Hyper-VHyper-V Managament ToolsHyper-V GUI Management ToolsHyper-V Module for Windows PowerShellHyper-V PlatformHyper-V Hypervisor (We'll come back to this one later)Hyper-V ServicesVirtual Machine PlatformWindows Hypervisor PlatformWindows SandboxWindows Subsystem for LinuxDespite my misgivings about Hyper-V itself, I was pleasantly surprised that WSL now included graphical abilities.

2022 June 13th


Just found out that WSL Preview provides WSL GUI which allows me to run graphical Linux apps.

2022 June 8th

New laptop arrived

My new laptop arrived 'early' (May 31 instead of Jun 21: good marketing by Dell). These are my experiences so far with my intention to work under Windows instead of Ubuntu.On the surface, Windows 11 isn't that much different from Windows 10. It may be very different under the hood, but I can't tell.The winget package manager works like a charm.

2022 June 6th

Emacs + GPG = EasyPG

I looked at KeePass to store confidential information on Windows. But then it occured to me that org files can easily be encrypted, so now I use that instead.Just add the extension .gpg to your file (so vault.org becomes vault.org.gpg) and you're good to go. The double extension lets Emacs know its both encrypted and an org file.

2022 June 5th

Website monitoring

I maintain a number of websites for different clients and need to monitor their status. At this point a simple check if the site is still up would be sufficient, so I would prefer something simple. Other requirements: open source, self-hosted, configurable, web dashboard, automatic alerts and preferably available through docker compose.

2022 April 29th

New laptop

My current Lenovo Yoga C930-13IKB (bought Nov 13, 2018 for €1900) is beginning to age. Its processor is starting to struggle when I am using VMs.So, I ordered a new laptop. A Dell XPS (€2900) this time, with:15" screen12th gen Intel i9 CPU32GB RAM1TB hard-diskWindows 11 Pro (if Dell bloated the OS too much, I may replace it with a stock Windows)As usual I intend to start using it with the OS it came with, plus some of may favorite apps:System management:winget package managerHyper-V to run virtual machinesWindows Terminal (instead of ConEmu)I may give PowerShell (instead of cmd) a try.

2021 July 19th

Censorship worries

It used to be that if you didn't agree with the government in, say, China, you could get in serious trouble, and that the Free West would be abhorred. But these days you can be deported by democratic governments for just bragging.You could say COVID is something to take seriously, and you would be right.