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2020 January 16th

VSCode Shortcuts

As indicated I bounce back and forth between Emacs and VSCode for coding. Current editors like VSCode are just more modern. Many things are so much easier. And the main selling feature of Emacs, " the extensible, customizable editor ", is now…

2020 January 12th

Setting up this blog

I have been looking for a platform to blog. It should support... templates, comments, tags, archive, feeds (RSS or Atom) and search. On the technical side, I want it to... be open source, allow me to edit the posts locally in any editor I please…

2020 January 6th

Peter Principle for software

The Peter Principle states: people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their "level of incompetence" It boils down to this: when you are competent at your job, you are promoted until you're not competent anymore. I think something similar holds for…

2020 January 4th

Package management

In IEEE Computer magazine of March 1998 the original developer or Tcl/TK, John Ousterhout, wrote : Scripting languages are designed for gluing applications; they use typeless approaches to achieve a higher level of programming and more rapid…