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July 12th, 2021

bag.el: Emacs package to manage links

I use Emacs and org-mode on a daily basis for work. And I use a tablet for on-the-couch surfing. When I find something interesting I record a link in mobile.org through Orgzly, and refile it to my links.org when I am back in Emacs.

However, this leaves me with an endless list of URLs, which take a lot of work to be manually converted to org-mode sections headers with a link and tags. So, the last couple of days I wrote an Emacs package that does just that automatically: bag.el.

It scratched an itch, and I hope it may be useful for others.

Update 13 July, 2021: while I was at it, I also created rav.el (a unique password generator).

tags: org, emacs

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