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June 18th, 2021

I bit the bullet

My laptop has 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage. I ran Windows 10 and Ubuntu in dual-boot mode for years, but switching back-and-forth drove me crazy, so about a year ago I started using Windows on Linux in a virtual machine.

But I still kept my Windows 10 dual-boot as fall-back, which meant Windows and Ubuntu had to share my 512GB storage. Windows was getting the lion share, because I had been unable to shrink its partition to less than about 270GB and I had the Windows VM on Linux which was gobbling up over 40GB extra of the Ubuntu partition (and growing), which left Ubuntu about 200GB.

The storage limitation was starting to annoy me. Mostly, because it kept me from installing Visual Studio on the Windows VM, without freeing space first. So, I decided to wipe my Windows partition and grow the Ubuntu one:

  1. The Windows partition was easily removed with the Ubuntu disks tool.
  2. It turned out you can't resize a partition you're running from, so I made myself a parted live USB and booted from it. Which sounds easier than it actually was, because of secure boot issues, but in the end I managed to grow the Ubuntu partition.
  3. And then nothing, because GRUB got lost along the way. The suggested solution from the parted FAQ didn't solve it, but it did allow me to explore my file system. I found that I somehow trashed my grub.cfg (probably when I played around with grub-install), which left grub without a clue what to do. Restoring a backup solved that problem.

Ubuntu now lives on a whopping 500GB partition, which hopefully extends the life-span of my laptop with at least another year or so.

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