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March 12th, 2020

Low expectations

I don't usually do Microsoft Bashing, but this one was too good to let go.

On LinkedIn I saw an ad which read (translated):

Don't let IT get in the way of your growth.

Which sounds as sensible a plan as any.

But on second thought, this is a very modest objective. Shouldn't the point of IT be to help me grow? And why only growth?

When I work on Windows it feels as if it is always in my way. When I want to start working, it needs to update (which too often fails if my PC is older than 18 months). If I receive a document from someone else, it is in a newer version of Word than mine (granted, I am the one who chooses to keep using an 'old' version of Word). When I want to run Docker, I need to upgrade to Windows Pro. Etc, etc.

So one of the main reasons I use Open Source Software is that I feel liberated. Also in the beer and speech sense, but in this case I mean in the 'wearing comfortable shoes' sense.

It updates in the background and never fails. Therefore, I always have the latest (or at least a recent) version of every tool I use. And I can use Docker (or any other tool) any way I want.

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