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June 8th, 2022

New laptop arrived

My new laptop arrived 'early' (May 31 instead of Jun 21: good marketing by Dell). These are my experiences so far with my intention to work under Windows instead of Ubuntu.

  • On the surface, Windows 11 isn't that much different from Windows 10. It may be very different under the hood, but I can't tell.
  • The winget package manager works like a charm. I also installed apps through the store, just to experience the difference, but winget has a much wider choice. The weird thing is, that removing an app must still be done by selecting "Uninstall" in the start menu...
  • Windows Terminal works fine and I may get used to PowerShell as well.
  • I am having trouble using Hyper-V:
    • I can't share folders between the host and guest, like I am used to in e.g. VirtualBox. There is usbipd.win and you can of course use "Sharing" (i.e. Samba).
    • I can't set the display resolution in Debian other than through Grub.
  • Migrating Emacs was fairly painless. I just needed to set $HOME, install MSys2 for Org-roam and adding MSys's /usr/bin to my path. MSys2 also removed my need for cygwin.
  • I also created $HOME/bin and added it to $PATH (mainly for sqlite)
  • It turns out Docker Desktop needs WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), so as I no longer need Cygwin, I decided to install Debian just for the fun of it (so far, I have no real need for it).

On top of my original plan, I installed some additional apps:

My intention is to install server components like MSSQL through docker.

Apps I like but don't need (yet):

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