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April 29th, 2022

New laptop

My current Lenovo Yoga C930-13IKB (bought Nov 13, 2018 for €1900) is beginning to age. Its processor is starting to struggle when I am using VMs.

So, I ordered a new laptop. A Dell XPS (€2900) this time, with:

  • 15" screen
  • 12th gen Intel i9 CPU
  • 32GB RAM
  • 1TB hard-disk
  • Windows 11 Pro (if Dell bloated the OS too much, I may replace it with a stock Windows)

As usual I intend to start using it with the OS it came with, plus some of may favorite apps:

  • System management:
  • Productivity:
    • Chrome for Google tools (mainly GMail, Drive and Docs) and general browsing. I choose Chrome, because it supports using multiple Google accounts (business and private, in my case).
    • Emacs for Org-mode (mainly)
    • Whatsapp client
    • Gimp image manipulation
    • IrfanView graphic viewer
  • Development:
    • VS Code for editing
    • Edge as dev browser (I currently use Firefox for its superior dev tools, but I will give Edge a try)
    • Git for version management and bash
    • Docker containers
    • I considered WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) with Debian, but will initially go with cygwin because it lets me compile C for Windows and because I had problems with sharing files between Windows and WSL in the past
    • Programming environments Python / pipenv and node.js / yarn (probably straight in Windows and not through cygwin)

My new laptop is due mid June.

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