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July 21st, 2022


I have migrated from winget to scoop. Winget is a big stap up from manually downloading and installing applications, but in the end it is mainly just a wrapper around the application installer. You still get installer popups, which started to get under my skin.

So far, scoop works great:

  • I have reinstalled all applications (except those from Microsoft, just to stay in touch with the Microsoft way of installing).
  • installation is much faster
  • you get parallel downloads with aria2 and administrator access with sudo
  • no more setup dialogues

The main downside is that spplication icons seem to get lost, somehow. They are visible in ~/scoop/apps, but not in ~/scoop/shims. Also, some apps (like NotePad++) open a terminal when they start from a file association in file explorer.

I also kept Docker under winget, because I couldn't get dockerd working properly. You need to start it as administrator, but than docker-compose needs to be run as administrator too. And that doesn't play well with the Docker extension in VSCode. It's probably just me, but after some trial and error I decided it was easier to switch back to Docker Desktop through winget.

tags: windows

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