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June 5th, 2022

Website monitoring

I maintain a number of websites for different clients and need to monitor their status. At this point a simple check if the site is still up would be sufficient, so I would prefer something simple. Other requirements: open source, self-hosted, configurable, web dashboard, automatic alerts and preferably available through docker compose.


  • Nagios claims to be the industry standard for system monitoring but is a bit too much for me. There's also its open source fork Icinga.
  • Zabbix looks overly complicated
  • StatusOK looks like it does exactly what I want, but seems to be discontinued.
  • Dashy

I also checked others, but found nothing I liked. I also checked if there's a suitable Python module, but also no luck.

So, maybe roll my own? This seems a start, and here, here, and here is more inspiration.

To be continued...

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