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June 11th, 2021

About me

I am a software developer, living in the Netherlands. I was born about 50 years ago.

I mostly build full-stack websites, but also the occasional desktop application, or daemon/service. Javascript is my go to programming language for web, for both client and server. For other web-projects I use Python, which I also use for data wrangling. For more technical software I use C/C++, and for desktop applications sometimes Lazarus/FreePascal.

I prefer open technologies and use open source software (OSS) whenever I can. And practically the only times that I can't, involve working together with others on Microsoft Office documents. My preferred tools include:

  • Ubuntu, but sometimes I need to work on Windows, so I run that in a virtual machine.
  • Emacs with Org Mode is my primary tool for my projects. My config is here.
  • Git for version management and Github for sharing my code, issue management, and (Kanban) boards.
  • Docker for managing development environments.

Have a look at this blog post to find out how I set up this blog.

tags: meta, personal

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